Ray White Volunteers at Vaucluse Public School

Music, dancing and fun had by all.

Ray White Volunteers at Vaucluse Public SchoolWhat a fantastic morning we had yesterday! 30 real estate agents from Ray White Double Bay spent an hour rocking out with us and the support unit’s students and teachers at Vaucluse Public School.

Variety, the children’s charity run a Corporate Volunteering program, whereby staff from within an organisation can participate in a number of different excursions, events or programs, sponsored by the company.
Ray White Double Bay very generously donated a Rhythm Village music workshop to a school in the local Eastern suburbs area, Vaucluse Public School.

After everyone found a seat, the session started with some singing and guitar playing led by Josh, with everyone else joining in with shakers, bells, clapping sticks and singing along to some Ozzie classics!  This was followed by a game of drumming statues and a fun-filled, up-beat drumming session.

Vaucluse Public SchoolThe kids were positively delighted by this musical experience, with some of them getting up from their seats and happily dancing around. The head of the support unit at VPS advised us that a couple of the students that were up and dancing do not usually engage in any activities, nor take any initiative…it was really a pleasure to see the surprise and enjoyment of the teachers too!Vaucluse Public School

The workshop was a great success, with not only the students having a wonderful time, but all 30 of the Ray White volunteers enjoyed themselves too!

Thanks to Ray White and Variety for helping to make magical musical memories for the fantastic kids in the support unit at Vaucluse Public School!