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“HandHugga® is a comfortable and easy to wear glove. It builds independence by helping to grip and hold onto objects.”

HandHugga® helps people participate
more in all aspects of life


  • Hold a maraca or drum stick
  • Hold a pen or paintbrush
  • Hold a toothbrush
  • Hold cutlery
    and more
HandHugga helps to hold a drumstick


  • Can be worn on left or right hand
  • Adjustable velcro for a perfect fit
  • Available in three sizes
  • Two different colours
  • Machine washable
HandHugga helps to close and support the hand

About HandHugga®

Many people with motor disabilities find it challenging to close their hand and hold on to objects. This can have a rather profound effect on daily life, making everyday tasks, such as holding a toothbrush or even a spoon to feed oneself, particularly challenging.

HandHugga® is helpful for anyone that finds it challenging to close their hand and hold on to objects, including people:

- with motor disabilities
- with  cerebral palsy
- who have had a stroke
- who have suffered a spinal injury
- with any condition that reduces hand function

HandHugga® closes and supports the hand perfectly, enabling the wearer to hold onto a maraca, drum stick, pen, paintbrush, spoon, etc.

Categorized as Low Tech Assistive Technology, HandHugga® aims to allow people with disabilities to participate more fully in all aspects of life (home, school, and community).

It increases the wearer’s opportunities for education and social interactions and helps to improve engagement in learning and related activities.

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Flexible Design

  • HandHugga® can be worn on the left hand or the right hand.
  • The use of velcro means the HandHugga® glove can be loosened or tightened to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Made from comfortable, durable neoprene (wet suit material), HandHugga® is designed for regular use and is easy to maintain, as it is machine washable.
  • HandHugga® is available is 3 sizes* and in 2 different colour variations:
    • small (for children 3-7 years old)
    • medium (for children 8-14 years old and for most women)
    • large (for boys/men 15 and up and for women with larger hands)

* required size may vary, if person has a very large or very small hand and all gloves are adjustable.