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“It’s wonderful to see the student’s responding so enthusiastically to Josh’s lessons. Student’s vocalising, moving to the rhythm, happy, smiling faces, this is enjoyment while learning in action.”
Janelle Ferguson

“Our students with significant learning needs love music therapy. They engage, participate and actively move and groove to a variety of curriculum inspirations. Josh provides innovative and relevant learning experiences and makes appropriate adaptations for every students needs.”
Caroline Cass

“Josh’s love of music inspires the students to engage in the lessons. His ability to play a broad variety of instruments enables students to experience different music Genres. The teenage girls think he is awesome eye candy (jokes). A talented musician and singer.”
Leah Ponzio

“Music Therapy with Josh provides opportunities for our students to be creative, expressive and motivated through music. Josh familiarises himself with the specific needs of our students and plans his music sessions according to their needs, interests and abilities. This enables all our students to be active participants in the sessions. Most of all music is fun and fun equals happiness and learning.”
Ana-lucia Mowie