Engaging and Informative courses specifically designed for Teachers in the Special Ed Classroom, using music as an effective tool for learning. 

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Proven Benefits

  • Increase Focus
  • Positive Change
  • Learning through music
  • Engaging & Fun
  • Stress Release
  • Creative Expression
  • Relationship Building

Face to Face

General Music Engagement in the Special Ed Classroom

An experiential overview of how music can be utilised in your classroom, exposing teachers to the power of rhythm and music.

Topics Include:

  • Literacy – using music as a tool for learning
  • Numeracy – working with numbers
  • Music for Relaxation and more

How to Build Effective Teams

Using interactive drumming and percussion with your team, we draw on analogies that directly relate to theories of how a high performing team can be created and maintained.

Topics Include:

  • The recipe for a high achieving team
  • Best behaviours to ‘kick the most goals’
  • Self-reflection and future direction

How to Build an Effective Leader

Using interactive drumming and percussion with your school leaders, we draw on analogies that directly relate to theories of being an effective leader in the school environment.

Topics Include:

  • The attributes of an effective leader
  • Getting the most from your team
  • Self-reflection and leadership in varying situations

Online (From Sept 2018)

Practical Ideas Using Music in the Special Ed Classroom Across all KLAs

Present teachers with strategies on how they can integrate the principles of music to teach and develop individual learning goals for your students.

Topics Include:

  • Engagement & Accessibility
  • Creativity & Wellbeing
  • Downloadable lesson plans for each KLA

Using Garage Band in the Special Ed Class

Most schools have an abundance of iPads which are underutilized. Learn how to harness its power and create class songs and develop students creativity at the same time.

Topics Include:

  • Use of all instruments
  • Writing songs with your students
  • Practical Ideas and downloadable lesson plans

Drumming & Percussion Basics For Your Classroom

With over 20 years experience, Josh Oshlack will demonstrate and patiently lead you towards the use and integration of drumming and percussion in your classroom.

Topics Include:

  • The basics of African Drumming
  • Using drumming to teach mathematics
  • Drumming instructional videos for YOU

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