Rhythm Village Videos

In this wonderful clip, Josh Oshlack, the Director of The Rhythm Village and Sehal, from a school in Sydney, are communicating through the drum. This is a great example of how music can be used to encourage communication and smiles.

This was Athan’s first day at school and the first time Josh met Athan. Being quite unwell, he spends more time in hospital and home.
“I never know how students will react to the didgeridoo, but I give it all I’ve got”.

See Josh present as keynote speaker at the 2014 NSW SEPLA Special Education Conference. He describes the power of music within special needs schools and offers teachers some insights as to what can be done in the classroom.

Witness the fantastic benefits of using music with special needs students!
Each person is different and responses vary from person to person, but there is no doubting the fact that music engages and inspires.

Watch Josh Oshlack, Founder of The Rhythm Village talk about the might of music for our community and for people with special needs.

Enjoy Josh demonstrating the power of music using drumming and percussion as the last session of the 2014 SEPLA conference.

Videos of Interest

Watch the power of music at an aged care facility and how it can access various parts of our brain to help with communication and quality of life.

This clip features the amazing bass player Victor Wooten, who discusses the language of music and its power for communication.