School Song Creation

Have you thought it may be time for a new school song? The Rhythm Village can help you develop a brand new song to truly reflect the messages and values that resonate with the school.

We meet with all teachers/staff to determine the song content, themes, desired words, etc OR, If you prefer, we can provide you with a briefing questionnaire, which you and your staff can complete and we will create from there.

We craft both the lyrics and music – based on your brief. We will provide you with a music demo for the new school song, offering you with options of musical styles. We will work with you to implement any required changes – over a given period of time, and we will make changes to the lyrics and the music until we are all happy. The final song is then recorded, mixed and mastered and you will be supplied with a disc of your brand new school song!

The process is fun for all and it is an opportunity to get all teachers involved in the creation of a product they feel they have ownership of.

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