Special Needs School Programs


During the Covid-19 epidemic, The Rhythm Village have transitioned to online music workshops.  Schools are now able to provide their students with interactive, live music lessons, run by our incredible team of  facilitators. Use the enquiry form on this page to contact us for more information.

The Rhythm Village works with Special Needs Schools using music as a medium to unlock the students hidden potential and capabilities.

Generally run in group sessions, each student is given the opportunity to ‘shine’, to create sound and music, to explore their own creativity and push their physical boundaries.

Our workshops can focus on a particular instrument, such as drumming workshops, or we can provide general music workshops, with a variety of instruments – all sessions include lots of percussion participation.

We can also bring along gongs, didgeridoo or singing bowls to complete the workshops with a relaxation session at the end.

We are able to offer one-off workshops, or more regular weekly or fortnightly sessions. Our music and movement workshops are all about interactivity and engagement and we promote working together as a group. We can also work towards an end-of-term or end-of-year performance.

We work with schools of primary and secondary aged children and our syllabus links directly with the national curriculum. We come in for a full day with the aim of offering the joy of music to as many students as possible. All our programs are designed to fit in with your school’s schedule and consider each student’s priorities and key learning objectives.

If you would like to find out more about a music program at your school, please contact us.

Proven Benefits

Increase Focus

Positive Change

Learning through music

Engaging & Fun

Stress Release

Creative Expression

Relationship Building

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