The Rhythm Village, founded by Josh Oshlack was borne out of the combination of his love for music with his desire to help people. Originally offering carefully written music programs for people with special needs, the Rhythm Village has grown over the years to provide a range of music related services and products, some of which include; a variety of Music Workshops, Professional Learning for Special Ed Teachers and an online shop, offering instruments and related products that are particularly well suited to people with special needs.

It is our  ongoing mission to increase the quality of life of people living with special needs through music and movement.

Our music workshops focus on fun and engagement for all people within our community. Whether for special needs schools, community organisations or large corporates, the benefits of music are incredibly positive.

Josh Oshlack.

Josh was taught to play the drum kit at ten years of age and was taught the guitar at seventeen years of age, both by his older brother.  He then studied the bass guitar with a teacher from the conservatorium of music in Melbourne, Australia and played in a number of successful bands. He bought a didgeridoo in Cairns in the mid 1990’s which came with an instructional book and a cassette tape (showing his age) and taught himself to circular breathe and play.

While Josh played his many instruments, he also worked as a care worker for adults and children with special needs. In the early 2000’s, Josh was offered to learn how to facilitate interactive drum circles, where everyone in the audience receives a drum  and plays while a group of African drummers keep the rhythm going.  He fell in love with African drumming and began studying with some of the best African Drummers in Australia. During this time, he completed a Bachelor of Education.

He continues to collect interesting instruments, which he uses in his music workshops.  From seven different types of didgeridoos, to gongs, singing bowls, guitars, voice and of course drums that shake the room and warm up the students on those winter mornings.

Josh Oshlack, Founder
Josh Oshlack, Founder

Proven Benefits

Increase Focus

Positive Change

Learning through music

Engaging & Fun

Stress Release

Creative Expression

Relationship Building