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Designed to help people that find it difficult to grip and hold onto objects, HandHugga® helps to close and support the hand, enabling the wearer to hold onto a maraca, drum stick, shaker or clapping stick. Made from comfortable, durable neoprene (wet suit material), HandHugga® is designed for regular use and is easy to maintain, as it is machine washable. Available in 3 sizes and 3 colour variations.

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HandHugga® helps to close and support the hand, enabling the wearer to hold onto a toothbrush, spoon, pen, paintbrush, maraca or drum stick.

HandHugga® is also great for assisting with holding weights in physiotherapy exercises to strengthen weak wrists, or to help grip handle bars or walkers!

HandHugga® is helpful for anyone that finds it challenging to close their hand and hold on to objects, including people:

  • with motor disabilities
  • with  cerebral palsy
  • who have had a stroke
  • who have suffered a spinal injury
  • with any condition that reduces hand function

HandHugga® aims to allow people with disabilities to participate more fully in all aspects of life (home, school, and community).

HandHugga® can be worn on the left hand or the right hand.
The use of velcro means the HandHugga® glove can be loosened or tightened to ensure a perfect fit


Available in 3 sizes*:

– small (for children 3-7 years old)

– medium (for children 8-14 years old and for most women)

– large (for boys/men 15 and up)

* required size may vary, if person has a large or a small hand.

See our HandHugga page for more information

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