October ’19 School Holiday Workshops at Sydney Olympic Park

The Rhythm Village interactive school holiday music workshops are specifically designed for children with special needs, with the option of bringing their sibling along, to have fun and bond with one another through music and rhythm. Every child is given the opportunity to ‘shine’, to create sound and music, to explore their own creativity and…

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The Power Of Music to Teach and Inspire

We are so proud of the work we do at The Rhythm Village.                                                    Each and every one of our facilitators and our Music Therapists are so passionate about our work…

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The Importance of Music Education

Rocking out at Mainsbridge

Music is a source of entertainment and fun, nearly everyone enjoys music, whether this is listening or dancing to music, playing an instrument or singing music, it is universally appreciated by all.  But music is also a tool of education and learning, and as studies show, music is becoming a more significant benefit to the…

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Music unites a family

Adam and his sister getting along

Adam is a fourteen year old boy with autism. He is non-verbal with moderate comprehension. Adam had an issue with his twelve year old sister, hitting and pushing her when she was anywhere near him.

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2017 SEPLA Conference

The Rhythm Village at SEPLA 2017

SEPLA 2017 was a busy and rewarding conference for us. It was great to catch up with so many teachers and principals from schools we currently work with and those we have worked with in the past.

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