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We are dedicated to using music to unearth a person’s creativity and hidden potential by running music workshops and programs for schools, community organisations and corporate businesses.

Loving the singing bowl

Special Needs School Programs

The Rhythm Village works with Special Needs Schools using music as a medium to bring out the students hidden potential and capabilities.

Making clapping sticks

Professional Learning for Teachers

Wouldn’t it be amazing if teachers have the tools and know-how to use music to teach their students?  Music is an effective and fun way to learn.

Setting up the cdrums

Workshops for Adult Day Programs

Dynamic music workshops offering your clients variety from one session to the next and always delivering fun and excitement.

team building

Interactive Drumming

Have you experienced the power of connection when music is created as a collective? It’s fun, engaging and awe inspiring.

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How we can benefit your organisation?

Music can bring an assortment of positive outcomes and change to people’s lives.

Increase Focus

Music helps a person multi-focus; on themselves, their neighbour and the whole group.

Stress release

Music is an outlet for anger, emotional baggage, and stress.

Increase quality of life

When a smile appears on the face and in the heart, it stays with us.

Relationship Building

What better way to bring people together?  Music has this power.

Learning through music

Music can be used without realising we are learning, changing and evolving.

Positive change

In physical dexterity, group dynamics and emotions linked with quality of life.

Engaging & Fun

Music and sound can grab people by the ears and poke fingers in the arm pits.

Creative Expression

Our Workshops invite participants to ‘paint their sound’ all over the place.

The Power of Music.

Watch these clips to discover how music can make a difference.

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