Chau Gong
Chau Gong
Student with 70cm Chau Gong
Chau GongChau Gong70cm Chau Gong

Chau Gong – 70cm


Each gong has its own extraordinary and particular sound character. When struck, the gong creates a strong vibration and specific frequency depending on its size. The vibrations can be felt without even touching the gong, physically effecting your whole being.

You will appreciate the deep, reverberating sounds and creative opportunities the Chau Gong offers. Combine your talent with a Chau gong and be amazed at what you create!

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Product Description

The Chinese people have used gongs as a ritual instrument for thousands of years. The Chau gong adds depth and a special percussion effect to any music. The deep tones clear the air before special events.

This gong is crafted from one cast piece, hand-hammered using century-old traditions.  The Chau Gong is often used to announce the arrival of a government official, warning people to clear the street, much as a police siren is used today.

The vibrations can be felt without even touching the gong, physically effecting the whole body as the vibrations penetrate our entire being. The sound is intriguing for people with and without special needs. When the gong is struck with a gap between strikes, it creates a relaxed, meditative energy to whoever hears it.

This gong is made of bronze.

It is available in two sizes:

  • 70cm diameter
  • 40cm diameter

The 70cm Chau gong comes with a black powder-coated steel stand.

Additional Information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 70 x 70 cm


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