Senior School Pack
Wristband with Bells
Maracas with Long Handle
Clapping Sticks
50cm Djembe
Canvas Drum Hats
Senior School Pack
Senior School PackWristband with BellsMaracas with Long HandleClapping Sticks50cm high DjembeCanvas Drum HatsSenior School Pack

Senior School Pack


A perfect mix of instruments for senior students, including djembes, djembe hats, wristbands with bells, maracas and clapping sticks.

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Product Description

The Senior School pack will suit your senior musicians, having them ready to jam.

The pack includes:

3 x 50cm djembe drums

3 x djembe protector hats

4 x pairs of wristbands with bells

4 x pairs of maracas with long handles

8 x pairs of clapping sticks


Additional Information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 100 cm


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